Embroidery Guide

While we do our best to replicate the designs and text appear as they appear on your screen using our Customizer, there will be variations in size, font details and color as a result of the production process. Customized designs are not returnable. Below are the typical measurements and specs for design and text embroidery, as well as a few examples.

Front Left/Right Chest

- Typically a front left or right chest design is positioned so that the edge closest to the zipper is approximately 2- 4 inches from the zipper and approximately 5-7 inches from the shoulder seam. 

- Designs for front left or right chest embroidery are typically no bigger than 4 x 4 inches. Text sizes can range from 3 inches tall to 1 inch tall, depending on how many letters are included. If it can be done, our standard is 1.5 inches tall.


Back Designs

- Designs for jacket back embroidery typically placed in the center back of the jacket and the top of the design is typically placed approximately 5-7 inches from the shoulder seam. Designs are not bigger than 9 inches tall by 11 inches wide.