Our Story

It all started a few years ago with the gift of a velour tracksuit. Putting it on not only brought a smile to my face but made everyone around me smile too. We loved that suit but there were definitely some things that could be made better. We thought about calling up that company and making a few suggestions but then we thought - “Wait, why don’t we do this”? Even though we had no experience in apparel or manufacturing (not to mention that we had never started a business before), we decided to go for it. And the rest, my friends, is history.

At Velomino, we are in the business of making you smile. Whether its our products, our content or our customer service, we want every interaction to be happiness-inducing. We believe that what you wear and what you consume affects how you feel. Everything we do, from the fabric we use, to the colors we chose, to the content we make, is designed to make you smile.

Because when you feel good, you make everyone around you feel good too.