May The 4th Be With You!

May The 4th Be With You!

If there’s three things we love here at Velomino HQ, it’s velour tracksuits, Star Wars movies, and funny internet lists. So, we wanted to celebrate May the 4th – better known as Star Wars Day – by bringing those three great loves together to try to answer the age-old question: what tracksuit style is most perfectly suited to each Star Wars character?

Well, it took a lot of hard work and a lot of research on behalf of our crack team of writers, all of whom were really reluctant to drop what they were doing and go watch Star Movies during working hours. We filled up a lot of chalkboards with complicated equations, and finally got to break out those velour labcoats we had custom-made a few years back. One of our writers cracked before we made it all the way to the end of the prequel trilogy, but we’re happy to report that he’s stopped obsessively mumbling “Midichlorians” over and over and the doctors expect him to be back on solid foods again soon.

It was all worth it though, because after a few grueling weeks of binge-watching, we feel confident that we’ve finally nailed down the perfect tracksuit to fit all of our favorite Star Wars characters. So put away the holographic chess set, grab yourself a nice tall glass of blue milk and some Bantha Blue Butter Sandwich Cookies , and get ready to jump into hyperdrive because we are going to be putting up daily posts all week about the types of Velominos each of our favorite Star Wars characters would wear. 

Up on deck today - Darth Vader (The Executive) and Luke Skywalker (The Midas)! By the way - be sure to check out the official Star Wars site for tons of other information and cool ideas to celebrate.

Luke Skywalker Wearing a Gold Velomino Velour Tracksuit


          He may have started off as a simple farm boy from the moisture farms of Tattooine, but Luke Skywalker was always destined for greatness. From bulls-eyeing womp rats in his T-16 back in Beggar’s Canyon to taking down the Death Star in his X-Wing, Luke’s talents as a pilot were undeniable – and when he successfully resisted the temptations of the Dark Side, he proved that he could become the kind of Jedi any master would be proud to have as his padawan. As the golden boy of the Star Wars universe, Luke and The Midas make a natural pair, just like wookies and porgs.

 Darth Vader Wearing a Black Velomino Velour Tracksuit


                No hero is ever complete without a great villain…and Star Wars fans know that there’s never been a better villain than the inimitable Darth Vader. As Emperor Palpatine’s chief executive/head of Force-based air-stranglings, Vader terrorized the Resistance – not to mention generations of gleefully-frightened children – in his iconic jet-black armor. But, if the former Anakin Skywalker was ever willing to put the black cape aside, he would find that The Executive made the perfect fit for his color palette – and provides the ideal blend of comfort and mobility that you’re looking for when you get in a lot of lightsaber duels.

Make sure to come back every day this week for more May The 4th posts!


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