May The 4th Series - The Emperor and Kylo Ren

May The 4th Series - The Emperor and Kylo Ren

In the second installment of our "May The 4th" Series celebrating Star Wars Day, we continue to try to answer the age-old question: what tracksuit style is most perfectly suited to each Star Wars character?

Up on deck today are the two villains - Kylo Ren and The Emperor. By the way - be sure to check out the official Star Wars site for tons of other information and cool ideas to celebrate, including how to make Ewok Sushi (which looks kind of good and kind of bad, all at the same time!)

Kylo Ren - The Stunner

Oh Kylo Ren…we STILL can’t get over how handsome and brooding you are. You’re the perfect combination of Leia’s leadership and Han’s swaggering charisma. But why did you have to rip off Darth Vader’s color scheme? You stunned audiences all over the planet with your good looks – and deserve to bring just a little bit more color into your own life with the help of The Stunner, you tall drink of water you.


The Emperor

               C’mooonnnn…do we even need to explain why?

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