May The 4th Series - Saving The Best For Last!

May The 4th Series - Saving The Best For Last!

In our final installment of our "May The 4th" Series celebrating Star Wars Day, we continue to try to answer the age-old question: what tracksuit style is most perfectly suited to each Star Wars character? We definitely saved the best for last!

The Mandalorian in an Orange Velour Tracksuit


               A long time ago in a decade far, far, away, Han Solo may have been the perfect fit to wear The Gunslinger. But personally, we don’t think it’s any coincidence that as soon as Han elevated himself up to Legendary status, The Mandalorian came onto the scene to bring a new meaning to the word ‘Gunslinger.’ Sure, his Beskar Steel armor is pretty impressive – but if he ever decided to pair it with The Gunslinger, that would REALLY catapult him (or perhaps we should say, ‘jetpack him’) up into fashion icon territory…

 Rey in the Captain


               It takes a lot to make Luke’s upbringing on the desert planet of Tattooine look privileged – but Rey just may win the title for “Toughest Challenges to Overcome” in the entirety of the Star Wars universe. Left to fend for herself from a young age as a scavenger on Jakku, Rey showed an unprecedented level of grit, determination, and leadership as she rose up to defeat her evil grandfather, the Emperor Palpatine, once and for all. It takes a true leader and visionary to take on The Captain – and we know that the last Skywalker is more than up to the task.

Baby Yoda in the Player (Toddler)


               Yeah, yeah, we know that “technically” his real name is Grogu – but he’ll always be Baby Yoda to us! From the moment he first stepped onscreen, B.Y. has been capturing hearts with his adorable antics and break-the-internet level cuteness. If there’s a two-foot-tall lothario out there who can melt people’s hearts quicker than this little guy, we sure haven’t seen him. Baby Yoda may be green, but those giant anime eyes of his have the people seeing red – which is why he’s the perfect match for the toddler version of The Player.

Princess Leia in a Royal Blue Tracksuit


               We thought it would be fitting to end our list by acknowledging the all-time Fashion Queen from that galaxy far, far, away – the one, the only, Leia Organa. Whether she was pioneering the now-classic over-the-ear bun/white robes look, cosplaying as a bounty hunter, showing off her stylish camo smock on the forest moon of Endor, or rocking that iconic gold bikini at Jabba’s palace, Leia did it all with a style and panache that would impress even the scruffiest of nerf-herders. Leia always embodied the grace and power of a true princess of Alderaan, whether she was standing up for justice in the Galactic Senate or leading the Resistance into battle…making her a perfect match for the sky-blue stylings of The Royal.

               We don’t care who you are – whether you’re a Rebel or an Imperial, a bounty hunter or a protocol droid, a Jawa or a tauntaun – it’s tough out there living in the Star Wars universe! Ice planets, forest planets, desert planets, jungle planets – it’s gotta be hard to find one set of clothes that will keep you snug and comfortable no matter where your adventures take you. That’s why we here at Velomino felt so passionately about looking to figure out the perfect velour tracksuit for all of our favorite Star Wars characters – it’s just our way of trying to give back a little to the characters who’ve given so much joy to us over the years. So from all of us, to all of you – Happy Star Wars Day, and May the Fourth be with you!


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