Fan Mail (Nov 2020)

Fan Mail (Nov 2020)

We LOVE our customers here at Velomino and they love us - so much so that they often write in with questions, comments, recipes* or other ideas! Below is a sampling of some recent fan correspondence and our responses:

*Footnote - Actually - we have not received any recipes but if you have something, please send our way!


I want to wear my Velomino tracksuit to my cousin’s wedding but my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/BFF/cousin told me I can’t and that it would be embarrassing. Is there ever a wrong time to wear a Velomino tracksuit? Anonymous – Everywhere, USA

Dear Anonymous –  The answer is there is never a wrong time to wear a Velomino tracksuit. Listen – we all love our family and friends, imperfections and all, and sometimes you just can’t help those who don’t have fashion sense or a desire to chart their own path, or who can’t see how undeniably amazing it is to wear a Velomino tracksuit. Here is the thing: You do You. I promise you - they will still love you (and most of all respect you) and it will be one of the things everyone remembers! And even better idea is to get them their own Velomino tracksuit! Check out our collections for the latest styles and get them their own gift card so they can chose their own type of awesome.


Would it be okay to “go commando” in a Velomino tracksuit? Asking for a friend. Living Free – San Diego CA.

Dear Living Free –  No.


I live in my Velomino tracksuit. I also like to wear hats. Any ideas on what types of hat one could wear with a Velomino tracksuit? Keeping Warm – Nome, AK

Dear Keeping Warm – Interesting question. Generally speaking – we don't wear hats when wearing our Velomino tracksuits. That said – we don’t judge. If you want to wear a hat with your Velomino tracksuit, we would recommend a knit cotton watch cap (and if you can get it in the same color as your Velomino tracksuit, even better) or a white baseball cap with minimal logos – you don’t want to distract from the beauty that is your Velomino tracksuit.

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