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We had a brainstorming session yesterday at VHQ to think about products we can create for our customers and creative ways to continue to make the Velomino experience best-in-class. We came up with a lot of amazing ideas that are consistent with our mission to put a smile on your face. One of the biggest challenges now is figuring out which ones to focus on - we can't do them all and so we need to prioritize. Which means, of course, that the overwhelming majority of these ideas, no matter how awesome they are, will never be executed on. But that is a post for another day.

For some of the ideas, it is not clear whether technology, techniques and machinery exist to execute on them in a sustainable way. So the choice in those cases is either to invent new technology and techniques or improve upon/combine existing ones to allow us to bring these ideas to life. While these challenges can be invigorating, frankly, they can also be slightly daunting as the road to fruition seems to wind and stretch its way into infinity.

When the session finished yesterday, we saw that NASA rover Perseverance had landed on the Jezero Crater on Mars. (Here is a link to a great NatGeo article about this if you want more information). The team behind Perseverance launched a multi-ton rocket carrying a billion dollar rover equipped with incredibly sensitive lab equipment, radios and cameras that flew for 7 months and over 300,000,000 miles through space and landed on target on an inhospitable planet without damage. Minutes after landing, Perseverance started sending back pictures. Among other missions and tasks, Perseverance is going to collect and store soil and rock samples for possible return to Earth in a few years. 

All of this blew me away - and got me thinking about the challenges we may face implementing our ideas. It also reminded me of this quote by Sara Blakely (the founder of Spanx): "If we can put a man on the moon, we can make pantyhose comfortable." While we don't have the financial backing of the US government or the support of thousands of engineers, we do have creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness and of course, perseverance. If humankind can land a rover on MARS of all places, then we can figure out a way to turn our best ideas into reality. While what we create may not make the cover of National Geographic or be included in the history books, at least it will make people smile. Let's Do This.

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