Study of A Man Watching TV #215

Study of A Man Watching TV #215

The subtle yet powerful brush strokes, muted colors and playful shadows suggest A Man Watching TV is relaxed. Not "relaxed" in a just-had-a-2-hour-4-hand-deep-tissue-massage but rather the "relaxed" of a lion who at the end of a successful hunt stands atop a cliff overlooking the realm and whose favorite tv show just came on.* But for him, his realm is a couch with a TV and a working remote control.** And of course, he has chosen to wear The Player to show the world that even champions take it easy. But in spite of all that we can see, one can't avoid the unanswered questions - his beer is unopened...why? And what is he watching? While A Man Watching TV may be an enigma wrapped in a mystery inside a riddle, we do know whatever he is doing - he is feeling good.
*Footnote - Ummm...this does not make any sense.
**Footnote  - growing up, our family TV did not have a remote so someone had to get up and change the channel every time someone wanted to watch something different.  Usually it was the person who got up to get something or to go to the bathroom. I spent a lot of time on the couch holding it in.

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