Study of The Player On The Move #11

Study of The Player On The Move #11

The next installment of the Velomino Fine Art Series is A Study of The Player On The Move #11. At the top of a peak overlooking the sea, the Player raises his hands in the unmistakable pose of victory. You can feel the sense of pride that radiates from that supple red velour tracksuit like gamma rays from the sun. But there is something more, something that requires the viewer to dig deeper to truly appreciate the depth of this portrait. The soft, delicate yet poignant brush strokes belie a sense of urgency, a sense of not being quite satisfied, a sense that The Player, while momentarily triumphant, is already thinking about the next mountain to climb. Some people would be satisfied with such an accomplishment or go home, grab a few beers and spend the next day high-fiving everyone they passed on the street. But not The Player. The Player is On The Move.

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  • Josh: May 03, 2021

    I LOVE this!

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