Fan Mail (Jan 2021)

Fan Mail (Jan 2021)

Hard to believe that we are now in 2021. Here is a sampling of some of our fan mail from December 2020 (and it looks like one of our responses to a previous fan mail question created a bit of a controversy- Drama!). 


Dear Velomino - I wanted to respond and disagree with your previous response to Living Free (see “Going Commando in A Velour Tracksuit” - Reader Mail (November 2020)) – there is nothing better than “going commando” in a Velomino velour tracksuit – you feel one with the Velomino in a way that you just don’t feel when you are wearing underwear. It is like you are wearing a second skin that not only feels amazing but looks great. I imagine it is kind of like when Luke Skywalker becomes one with the Force.* I highly recommend it to anyone that hasn’t tried it! For the record, I have to admit I hardly wear underwear, unless I am wearing wool pants, then I am DEFINITELY wearing underwear.

Hanging Loose – Wildwood, NJ.

*EDITOR’S NOTE – We agree with you that the feeling of putting on a Velomino probably feels the same as when a Jedi Knight harnesses the power of the Force (except you look much better in a Velomino – the Jedi’s were powerful beings but definitely needed some style help - I mean, how about some color to go with that beige and brown, Obi-Wan!).


Dear Velomino – I could not agree with you more (see “Going Commando in A Velour Tracksuit” - Reader Mail (November 2020)). One time I woke up and put on my Velomino (because I wanted to look my best, of course) without really thinking and honestly, I could not handle how good it felt to go “au natural”. I literally could not take it off and could not focus on anything other than how great it felt. I wore it for 7 days straight and it had to be pried off my body by my neighbor. Seriously – Don’t do it unless you are prepared to never want to wear anything else. I don’t recommend it to air traffic controllers, surgeons, watch repairers, tax accountants or skydivers. Things could get ugly.

Keeping it Tight – Chicago, IL.


So I love my Velomino but I am not exactly sure what to wear underneath it. I mean, everything looks great but is it better to wear a plain t-shirt or something dressier? Just Trying To Look My Best – Austin, TX

Dear Just Trying To Look My Best – The best part about a Velomino is that no matter what you wear, you can’t go wrong! Customers have worn everything from nothing to a button-down shirt with a tie (which, we have to say, looks great in The Executive) and it all works. But we hear you – it is nice to have a little guidance. In our case – we like a plain t-shirt or one with a cool, not-too-over-the-top logo (shameless plug – there are plenty of them right here) – it keeps the focus on not only the Velomino, but more importantly on you. 


Hi Velomino - My friend group wants to get matching Velominos for a reunion weekend but want a matching design. Is this something you can do? Time to Party - San Francisco, CA

Dear Time to Party  – you have come to the right place. We can definitely do that – check out our Customization and Groups page. We can make suits for you and all of your friends and can personalize all of them. Just send us an email to with the number of suits, sizes and design you would like and we will work with you to make that happen. Or if you don’t have any of those details, no worries - just reach out to us and we will help you figure it all out!

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