Velour Bikinis?: A V-Team Investigaton.

Velour Bikinis?: A V-Team Investigaton.

As avid readers of this blog will know, the V-Team is our elite investigative unit, whose missions, should they chose to accept them*, take them on high-stakes adventures around the globe** in search of answers to some of the biggest mysteries of our time. Whether they are out determining whether it takes more muscles to smile than frown or solving the riddle of whether it is better to be lucky than good***, the V-Team never stops never stopping.

The one thing to know about the V-Team is that they are calm, cool and collected, and that they rarely panic. So you can imagine our surprise when a CODE ORANGE email showed up early one morning at VHQ from one of the V-Team leads. They had received a tip from one of their highly placed and anonymous sources**** about an emerging fashion trend that is taking velour to places it has never been before – the velour bikini.

If there is one thing we love at VHQ, its velour fabric  (aka the “Queen of Fabric”) and if there is another thing we love, its people doing things with Her Majesty that have never been done. Given the importance of this potential development, we immediately called for a CODE BLUE and tasked the entire team with figuring out what this was and whether this was true. After a day or so, the team came back with the affirmative – yes, not only was it true that the summer’s hottest swimwear was a velour bikini  but that celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian to Winny Harlow and Bella Hadid were setting the trend. While we favor a specially washed cotton/polyester blend velour here at VHQ for our Velominos, a deeper dive into this showed that fabric used in these bikinis were usually a polyester, nylon or spandex combo – which makes sense for swimwear and the water.

Another “Mission Accomplished” for the V-Team. Nice job people, as usual. As a reward, go ahead and take the next 2 days off*****.

Have a great weekend everyone!




*FOOTNOTE: They always do, for some reason.

**FOOTNOTE: Okay, not really. They can usually solve them without leaving their couch.

***FOOTNOTE: Lucky.

****FOOTNOTE: Nawww - they were just reading Page Six

*****FOOTNOTE: Wait – wasn’t this posted on a Friday?


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