Fan Mail (February 2021)

Fan Mail (February 2021)

Two months down (almost), 10 to go. Here is a sampling of some reader mail that we recently received. As you will see, some letters among fans continue to draw heated debate (more drama!) and we reveal what is our favorite track suit (maybe). Read on!


Hello - I need help...STAT! My husband recently received The Player as a gift and he literally won't take it off. It has been 3 weeks, morning and night, of nothing but red soft velour. He even sleeps in it. At some level, I can't blame him - it is soft and comfortable and looks great but I mean, that doesn't mean you wear it 24/7! I like to walk around naked because it is comfortable and my own little way of "sticking it to the man" but does that mean I do that all of the time?!?!, it doesn't. Please help.

Dr. Not Sure What To Do – Dallas, TX

Dear Doc - unfortunately, this is not uncommon. People just love the soft and supple feel of velour and the look of a Velomino. One way to handle this is to get him another Velomino. He will definitely change suits more often! The Player is a great looking tracksuit but may not be appropriate for work or other office functions (unless he works at a velour tracksuit company!). If you are going to get him another Velomino, we recommend The Captain or The Executive. Both look great, the colors are a little more conservative and both give off the "all business" vibe. Btw - we took a poll here at Velomino HQ and most of us agree that walking around naked feels great and that we should all do it more often.


Dear Velomino – Hanging Loose is right on the money (see “Going Commando in A Velour Tracksuit (Part II)” - Reader Mail (Jan 2021)) - speed bagging is the way to go. There is no other way to live. How you are going to feel each day starts with the type of drawers you are wearing and the best answer to that question is "no thank you". 

Running Wild – Moosejaw, Saskatchewan

Dear Running Wild - So let us start off by saying we had never heard that term for "going commando" (I guess?). It is one of those things you can't really unread, unfortunately. That said - this debate has sparked a lot of interest among our fans. We have reevaluated our position and come to the conclusion that people should just wear their Velomino how it feels best to them. Who are we to judge? You do you. 


Hi All - my friends and I were at a party and we all were wondering which Velomino do you all like the best. Let us know! 

Right to Know - Omaha, NE

Dear Right To Know  – This is a tough question - each suit is so awesome in its own right, has its own personality and we don't like to pick favorites. It is like asking a parent to chose which one of their kids they love the most. However  - we understand that if a choice has to be made, a choice has to be made. If we had to choose, we would choose....[TO BE CONTINUED]

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